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Should You Stay, Do They Welcome You?

by Oct 27, 2017Life0 comments

Alright, this time it is the story of myself and few of my friends. We have the same struggles. We are pursuing someone that doesn’t seems to have the mutual feeling towards ourself. (I hope I’m wrong here!)

Image: Me and My Car (Just Kidding)

She Seem Like a Girlfriend But Not

“Macam yes, tapi bukan.”

If you’re Malaysian like me, you probably are very familiar with this phrase. It means like the heading of this sections sound like. Seems like it, but it is not. Means, it is not, and never was.

This case was happening to one of my close friend. The guy always be there for her. Sacrifice his pocket money for her. Come out late at whatever means just to wipe the tears in her eyes or simply helps her with her assignments. Yes, this kind of guy exists. Not me definitely. I think I am not that kind towards other people in the first place.

To that friend, if you read this post. I’m with you, my friend. Let’s compose sad song with this.

Back to the story above, the girl actually acted and demand a, what I called “maintenance” as if she is his girlfriend.

They hug, but not kiss.

They go out, but not date.

They laugh, but usually only the girl.

He pays for her, most of the time.

But what does this guy get in returns of his feeling? Yes, he confess, did you my friend?

But from my observation, the girl keep whining on why there’s no nice guy that will want to date her.

Every time she acted like that, I feel like want to pull her head and force her to see my friend’s face. But I didn’t, unfortunately.

What happened to them now, the guy left for a good and better future with his newly found love.

The girl? Still there, still keep whining and acted cool or cute.

He Treated Her Like A Trash

Okay, maybe that heading just a “read bait”, now I got your attention.

This is another story of another friend, a girl, this time.

My friend, the girl have been pursuing this guy for over half of the half decade already. But the guy keep brushing her off like she’s the annoying little stray cat that asking for food when you just about to bite the first bite of your hot and nice cheesy lasagna.

Sometimes you shoo the cat coldly. Sometimes you give them a little of the lasagna. Everything depends on your mood.

But the things here is my friend is the cat and you are the guy that she keep pursuing.

It’s tiring to see and frustrate me as well at the same time. Why he didn’t like her? She’s not that bad, other guy at his circle might be dying to date her. That’s what I thought.

And why, why she don’t just move on like my friend above? She will find a better guy, that will treat her like a princess, and live happily ever after. Lol.

But miracle happens, sometimes.

In this case, the guy slowly, and finally opens up to my friend who persistently pursuing him.

He is nicer now. Warmer and friendly. He smile to her too now.

They have not date each other yet, but I’m not so surprise if they do date each other in the future. Finally, eh?

Now Me – I don’t Know Which Route To Walk

I can choose to walk away and move on like my friend that finally find his new love.

Or should I stay and persistently shower the girl I like with care and attention until she finally opens up to me and we will start dating? I am too wishful, eh?

Both route have both good endings or bad endings.

I don’t know.

My case is that she always brush it off as if I’m joking and/or ignore that topic when I bring it up. Things is, me as a musician have somewhat big impact in how I handle this. My EQ not high at all. Most musician are like this. That’s why the sad song are so good, aren’t they?

At the end of the day, I always ask myself, I didn’t ask for a moon, am I?


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