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Being a Music Tutor

by Jul 6, 2014Work0 comments

I never thought I will take a teaching job. 😎

But it is funnier than it sounds especially if you’re just a tutor. 😀

Just one thing that I feel lately. Those scenes where the teacher needs to bow their head down to the student’s parent are alive. Is real. Haha. XD

I feel like I live in Japanese drama. If it’s correct, Japan has more private schools than government schools. And it is the parent who has the power over the school. Very different from our situation here, where the school has the veto power over the student and if the student AND the parent fail to follow the school verdict, the consequences will not be beautiful.

Patience With Kids

I learn to talk sweet and must be patient with all my customer (. . . err . . . students) so I won’t hurt their feeling and they keep studying at my place and so that they won’t complain to me and so that I have more money because the pay is commission based. More students equal more money. 😐 Sound like I’m not sincere at all.

This is one of my student. Smart student like her make the teaching process easier and more fun.

This is one of my student, her name is Isabel. Smart student like her make the teaching process easier and more fun. (^_^)

I Don’t Look At The Time

I don’t know if it’s because this is a new job, but I didn’t look at the time when I’m teaching. Mostly people knock on the door because the time is up. That’s make me feel happy when I think back about it. People said time pass by when you do the things you love, and indeed I love music since I was a kid.

and . . .

You don’t have to work for the rest of your life when you do something that you love.

But . . . this is still too early to assume anything. Beside, the pay is low given the situation that I don’t have enough students to give me a decent pay. Even though I love this job, I can’t sustain myself. Reality is harsh. 🙁


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