It’s Almost Easter Day

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Open Diary | 0 comments

Hey, it’s almost Easter Day.

I’m ready, Father.

For those who don’t know what is Easter Day, it’s not about Easter bunnies or Easter eggs. It’s actually a very religious and spiritual day for me as a Christian. It’s the day where Jesus Christ rise from the death.

For the past few months, I feel “dead” (inside)… be it because of the financial struggle due to pandemic, love and relationship problems, and much more. I’ve been feeling depressed and unmotivated to do even the things I like before like playing music, creating and editing video contents… I love playing video games too but even that doesn’t amuse me anymore. So yeah, I fall into a real depression.

Even though the financial situation that I’m experiencing during that time does contribute to the development of depression symptoms, I knew myself that it’s actually because of the love relationship problem that I faced during that time. My love one, she was in Jakarta, while I am stuck in Kuala Lumpur (well we all stucked during the pandemic time don’t we?)

My prayer during this time where it’s close to the day where Jesus Christ have risen from the death, so do my hope and faith that I will be risen from my “death” as well. 🙏😭

I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, The Heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit that this time, I got the miracle that I seek throughout my life, the feeling of peace deep within me, fulfilled desire and love and happiness of the life flowing into me endlessly.


I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, The Heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit that God protects her, my love one from any evil spirits that try to derail her from the path of God, care for her and be with her as how God have been walking with me everywhere, God, please show her the truth and the life within you. God safe her from the darkness and evil spirit that may want to consume her.


Between faith and fear, I choose faith.


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