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Buat Duit Dengan Blog Cover

Book : Buat Duit Dengan Blog

  Not my book, but I did a small contribution to this book. :) If not mistaken, I contributed 1 column of article to show my support to the author which is a good friend of mine.

WordPress New Smilies

:mrgreen: :arrow: :twisted: :evil: >:D :idea: :oops: :roll: :lol: XD 8-) :( :) :? :D :p :o :x :| ;) :!: :?: <3 :martini: :whiterussian: :burrito: O_o o_O (w) :star: :developer: :bear: ^^’ :'( :/ :facepalm: =^-^= smiles integrated in WordPress self hosted. Just hover the smilies to see the alt value.  

My HabitRPG So Far

HabitRPG – I Found It Fun To Use While Being Productive

I found out about HabitRPG from Retridemption’s blog post titled TLQ: The Questgiver is on Schedule? At first, it looks like silly pixel arts RPG game. :roll: But after some quick reading I decide to Play the game and I found out that it’s fun despite they’re just using the pixel art style characters. :D p/s: […]