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I may write in English or Bahasa Melayu for my blog.

Never Thought She Is Like That

I already know her for several years. The first time I saw her was quite a fond memory, full of laughter and happy times. I always believe that she is not a bad girl. No, maybe it's me who was being blinded by my love for her that I unconsciously choose to ignore all...

Sharing Di Hari Paskah

Sharing Di Hari Paskah

Semalam adalah Hari Paskah, hari kebangkitan Tuhan Yesus Kristus setelah disalibkan. Itu adalah hari yang menjadi simbolik kemenangan iman bagi orang Kristian. Tetapi pada pagi hari itu, saya terbangun dengan perasaan yang kurang happy, sedikit rasa sedih atau...

It’s Almost Easter Day

It’s Almost Easter Day

Hey, it’s almost Easter Day. For those who don’t know what is Easter Day, it’s not about Easter bunnies or Easter eggs. It's actually a very religious and spiritual day for me as a Christian. It's the day where Jesus Christ rise from the death. For the past few...

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is my first post. Well nothing much here, it's just that WordPress is a great website and blog engine. I like building websites using WordPress.