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Opencore 0.7.4 EFI For intel Core® i7 11700K

by Oct 10, 2021Coding0 comments

It has been a good experience so far using Opencore to run macOS on this normal desktop.

And it’s the time of the day where the developer of Opencore updated to the latest version, so I update my setup and it works fine.

Hackintool Shows Opencore Version 0.7.4

And as usual, I push the EFI to Github and available to the public, free of charge.

I share this EFI for those who don’t have time to learn the whole thing but need to run macOS on a similar setup like mine, the unsupported 11th generation intel processor.

Pushing the EFI to Github

See the Github link below. 👇🏻

intel 11th Generation Opencore EFI for MSI MEG Z490i Unify

Now, have fun! 😃


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