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Do They Really Deserves The Best of You

by Oct 17, 2017Life0 comments

Often time, you present the best of you to the person you like.

And as often as you did, usually they give you their back or treating you like an orphaned that are waiting in line for a free food prepared by the charity volunteers. Equal love to everyone. Meaning, yeah, you got the love too. But it’s not just you and it’s not special. Oh? You want to talk about selfishness here? Go on then. I might listen. But I’ll called you a communist practitioner. I hate communism.

I myself always questioned myself, should I stop? Should I give up now? Am I asking for a moon? Am I waiting for the mountain to move?

Sometimes, I already know the answer. But again, often time, there’s this piece of cracks that letting in some ray of hope into this pitch dark cave of sorrow, that one day I will be the special one. Will that one day actually come? Does perseverance actually pay off?

For me, as dull as it sound, no.

If one day, I’ll stop believing that day will come, I’ll be silent, stagnant and withdrawn from you.

For I come, once I embrace, it is for real.

Once I let go, it is forever.


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