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GameDev Diary #10 – Cinematic Intro Execution

by Aug 16, 2014Games Development0 comments

I come from film & television background.

If I’m going to pursue film and television technique, I would follow this guy style.

But I want to make an in-game cinematic that tallied to the actual game play. It is always a disappointment when the cinematic trailer of some game are much better than the game itself. 🙁

In short words, I want to make;

Real Time Cinematic


Because it’s fun and more challenging! 😀

Settings (Background/World)

First of all, we need to prepare the settings or the background, or the world or the level where our actors will move around.

Let me show you what I’ve got so far.

We will fly in a propeller plane to look around the world, though only trees exist now. Straps yourself in boys! 😀

I will add animals, and ambient sound soon.

I think the type of trees need to be re-do as well.




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