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Mind Block And Some Fun Messing Around With AIs

by Aug 27, 2014Games Development0 comments

I mean AI-s. Artificial Intelligent. But for game though.

Here it is. 🙂

But from this mess, I got some decent idea for my new game. Though I still have yet to think about the name. I want it to sound something so simple yet bring big impact. 😉

Such as FireFall. It’s a good game from what I heard. I’ve seen the trailers but I’m not yet downloading the big 7-9GB because my internet have quota. 🙁

Bomber Airplane?

Bomber Airplane?

Also, I’m slowly trying to follow industry standard by actually trying ^^’ to finish a GDD (game design document). Again… TRY-ing. Since I really plan to get funding for this creative idea of mind.

Any of you guys know a good GDD template that I should look into?


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