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About Commitments That Will Last

by May 17, 2015Life0 comments

There is no road without challenges in this life, including the road that you have taken with your dearest one. Sometimes, when you think your relationship is stable and going to the next level soon, without you realizing it there’s trouble knocking on the door.

A new fateful encounter will put the commitments that you and your dearest one to a great challenge. Whether it will last or it will gone. The new person seems more attractive, more better behaviour, more cool, and tons of other goodness that will shake your faith to the commitments that you put on your current relationship. So, what should you do?

He may seems more admirable. But comparing perfection to a relationship that already run for a long time is not fair, don’t you think so?

Of course, the new person looks more beautiful. So good and so cool. Please you with tons of good traits that you seek that you become love-sick. But, hold on a second. Do you already know what are their greatest weaknesses?

Everyone have their own strength and weakness.

Right now you’re comparing your love with someone new. You’re comparing all the perfections with someone who you already know what are they strength and weakness. That’s not fair isn’t it?

Human is not perfect. Are you sure when leaving behind your current loveship and move on to the new one you will be able to accept his weaknesses?

君と僕。- Next to an Apple

Who are you, to know all the weaknesses of the one that you know just a seconds ago? Will they let you see themself in their ugly and weak state in front of you just like your current love? Or how if their weaknesses are way deeper than what you have imagine?

So is it wise to just jump out into the new relationship with the mindset of “follow your heart“? Of course no. That will be the stupidest thing you will ever do.

But if you decide to come close to that new person, what will you say to him?

And if you decide to leave someone who for long have you know and be with, what will you say to him?

And when you then, later in some state of your life think that you want to come back to the person you have left behind, will you still be able to say something about it to him?

Please, take your time to think about these humble things.

Hold on for a second and look in the mirror. You are looking for a perfection while your own perfections are no more than a porous lime stone?


As a human being, we always wanted to change from different satisfaction to another and as the time goes by, you are getting harder to be satisfied. Same case about finding our life partner. You want someone who is more good-looking, richer, and the list go on.

Can you just stop for a while and have a piece of food for thought?

Until when will you want to follow your lust? Changing partner to another one, do you think you’re too good?

Not all attractions should be pursued. There’s someone who destined for you to see . . . as a life learning material.

Hatsune Miku Entry by Artificial Enemy

Not all the better guy are suitable for you. Was it not that your own life experience teaches you that?

There’s someone just right to be idolize.

There’s someone just right to be just a friend.

and there’s also someone who destined to be your everlasting life partner.

A good commitments, of course a commitments that can last. Even though flooded with a lot of problems and temptations from someone who is more attractive.

Miku Sad

The journey to seek for an eternal love should not be a life time journey, and that should be your true wish. You wish to find that love as fast as possible so that you can rest in his arms after all this tired and lonely journey that have put your mind in a mess.

The more you keep changing your heart, the longer the journey and the more it will curve into unpleasant voyage. Because of that you will feel lost and eventually decide to come back to the beginning.

Isn’t this is the right time for you to invite a bright future for yourself?

In this crowds of life, full with people passing by, you will get use to someone who come and then disappear from your life.

But it’s the time for you to choose someone that will never go away and always be with you until the time itself part you away from him.


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