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Wiguan's Discography as of 2016

Wiguan’s Discography as of 2016

2012 Legacy

2012 was the marking of my “indie” adventure. It was pretty bad start to be honest. I was so noob and know nothing at all. But I simply “just do it” rather than “sit down doing nothing” and “just keep dreaming and praying”.

That time I was still alone and greedy. Should I say that?

Maybe I was just a cold person, because I don’t believe in collaboration back there. So I did all the works all by myself and never think about getting helps or want to share with other people at all.

But I still manage to finished the first single which is using a Vocaloid Sonika. It is my original song.

I’m Waiting For You

That’s the title. Somehow that songs kinda become the curse one day after where the song really hit me in reality. Yup, I was breaking up with my girlfriend and somehow waiting for her to come back is like putting a hope on the wind. Useless.

2015 Movements

In 2015, early. I recovered. I mean totally trying to find life again. I started to compose new songs. But then I met many new friends along the way. Some of the friends “work for me” without being paid. I feel bad that time. No one ever help me that way. So I become more kinder towards “the humans” as well. Like returning the favour.

There’s a friend who help me to draw the cover album.

There’s a friend who help me to complete the album by submitting their songs to be compiled in my release.

There’s a friend who even attend the booth where we sell the CDs.

There’s a friend who help me to do promotional video for my songs.

There’s a friend who help me shoot the promotional video, all without being paid.

To received such kindness, what have I’ve done?

I never do anything so kind that deserves such good treatment. But I guess that’s what “friends” do?

Thanks a lot, my friends.

Let’s make more awesome things together again. Ne?

2016 Planning

Last year roadmap, I already plan to be serious in my real human band. The White Parasol. Thanks to my band mates and friends that volunteering (or forced by me) willing to help in the productions. Impossible that I will do this alone.

I hope the band will grow so much that these people will benefits from our growth as well. That is being a full time paid crew instead of just doing volunteer work for me. 🙂

I’m working hard here to make this a success, so do my band mates. So just wait for us!

Listen To My Music

So far at this point, I only have Vocaloid music in my discography. So if you like to listen to Vocaloid songs, feel free to find my songs on various available music platform. If you want a free download, I might give them too. Just comments out and maybe I’ll send them to your email. 😉

But it does helps a lot and I will be truly appreciate it if you actually buy my music regardless what format are you choosing. At this moment we have digital downloads as well as physical CDs. Just do a shout out to me if you need anything. 🙂

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