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I Feel Honored For This YouTube Copyright Claim

by Jul 28, 2016Music is My Life0 comments

For those who didn’t know, when you upload a video with background music from some kind of published artist, your video will have a dispute and if you are a YouTube Partner, you can’t monetize your video.

So, today I am simply doing my routine checking the analytics of my channels and websites, and I found out one of the videos I uploaded to my band (The White Parasol) channel has a copyright claim.

Here’s what it looks like.

YouTube Claim on Cover Songs
YouTube Claim on Cover Songs

What Does This Mean To Me? Why Did I Smile?

It means, that the YouTube play match algorithm is acknowledging that our performance is very similar to the original artist, ONE OK ROCK.

Why did I smile then?

Well, why?

Wasn’t that some kind of flattery when you, a no-name band were being labeled the same or sound similar to the real original band?

Full Fledge Reproduction of Wherever You Are Soon

Right now, we are recording and producing the song, Wherever You Are original by ONE OK ROCK as a learning process.

We do everything from scratch, and then we also shoot a music video for it.

Right now, I’m in the process to do the mixing and mastering the song before cutting into the video editing for the music video.

Let’s see if YouTube play match algorithm will catch us then.

Have you been in this kind of situation?

What do you think about it anyway?


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