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Since working full-time at home, I rarely move around because I don’t have to drive to my office nor I have to bike, cycle or anything.

Basically, what I did was just wake up and it’s either straight to my “office” which just situated outside at my living room or simply have some breakfast at the kitchen.

So my sedentary live have become more and more… passive.

I did try to go out for a jogging routine but sometimes we just being lazy.

This is not really good actually especially when the last time you take some weight, you are almost obese.

HCG Injection For Weight Loss

HCG or the long scientific name is human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced by human.

This human being produced a lot especially during pregnancy but don’t mistaken this hormone with estrogen and this won’t affect your sex hormone. It won’t change you from a man into a woman or something like that. Hormone treatment for transgender (those who wish to change their gender by hormone treatment) are different from HCG injections.

So what does this HCG injection do to our body?

HCG injection for weight loss was started by a medical doctor called Dr. Simeons.

HCG plays an important role in weight loss by inducing part of our brain which is called Hypothalamus.

Hypothalamus in our brain play an important role to balance our body (homeostasis), it will control all the endocrine glands in our body and as well to control our blood pressure, body temperature as well as your appetite and body weight!

How This Treatment Done?

HCG injection just like how the name is, is done through injection because HCG will dissolve easily when taken orally such as by pills or surface cream. It will just not work. To bring HCG direct into your bloodstream where it will induce the Hypothalamus, we have to do a direct injection to the blood vessel.

Beside injections, Dr. Malinda will as well prepare a low-calorie that based on healthy diet menu and it will induce the Hypothalamus to burn the excess fat that is harmful to your body.

And of course after joining so many other weight loss program, everybody is concern about rebounce. Will those fat come back!?

But HCG injection not only reduce your fat, it will as well induce the building of muscle which will then burn a lot of calorie to maintain.

So, no. HCG injection method will not bring those fat back after you stop taking the treatment.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

The potential of one person to lose weight from HCG injection treatment is average around 0.5 KG per day. So when you take the 23 days treatment plan, you can lose around 1-2 of your clothing size!

If you plan to bring thing to the next level, you then can join the second cycle which is a 46 treatment and you can lose weight up to 15 – 20 KG!

Those Who Undergo HCG Injection Treatment

HCG Injection Treatment Testimonial

HCG Injection Treatment Testimonial

Click link below to see more. (In Bahasa Malaysia)

So How Much This Treatment Cost?

  1. For the 23 Days Treatment Package, you only have to pay RM1580.00
  2. For the 23 Days Treatment Package + Supplements, RM1980.00 this is the most popular package taken by those who want to lose weight fast and healthy with no rebounce.
  3. 46 Days HCG Treatment Package will only cost you RM2980.00.

How To Start?

To sign up for this treatment plan, all you have to do is to send a message through Whatsapp number 017-508 4430.

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