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Ruam Bayi Powder Review

by Dec 1, 2016General0 comments

Here I am given another opportunity to review such a great product of local produce.

The product is called “Ruam Bayi Powder” which is translated more or less as “Baby Rash Powder Relief”. Well, you got the idea.

I don’t have a baby though but why I even get interested in it?

On its sales letter page at Bedak Ruam Bayi, it claims to relieve and cure skin diseases such as psoriasis, demarthophysis, eczema as well as rash because of milk.

My friend suffers from eczema and she always complains about how she can’t become like other girls who can use makeup and cosmetic products to beautify themselves.

So I simply let her use the product!

It’s not a magic potion but her feedback to me is that it works!

So those of you that suffer eczema perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to try to cure your eczema.

As you can see it’s made of a natural product which is white mud.

It’s not uncommon that we treat skin disease with mud, especially those mud that comes from a volcano.

And this is a natural good natural product that may make your skin beautify and cure the skin disease you wish you didn’t have.

Please look below for testimonial photos that I got.

Testimonial Photos

Cure Eczema
Cure Eczema

How The Product is Produced


Beware of Fake Products

But please beware of fake products and only get the original product from original source as listed below.

Official Website :

Official Facebook :

HQ  En. Hafis 013 480 6787 (Bahagian Pemasaran) & Puan Nurul : 017 6239935 ( Product Owner)



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