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The above song might not be the most beautiful song you ever heard. ^^’

. . . and might not be the best mixed or the best mastered either. 😐

But it’s my first release to the public, and this song somehow have it curse and what I’m feeling now by the time I write this post. I’m really waiting for someone. Waiting for someone to come back. :'(

I look up at the blue sky, put my hopes on the wind.

I don’t know when I’ll be blessed for them to come true.

That’s what my prayer now. 🙁

This condition also what makes me feel afraid. Afraid to compose another cursed song. :/

However, I slowly recovered from the sorrow and today I manage to face, to hear this song again. Though I’m not really feel fine yet, I think I can take it now. At least for today. 😐


About Sun of The Dawn

Sun of the Dawn Facebook page

Sun of the Dawn Facebook page


Sun of the Dawn is me. 🙂

I am the founder of Sun of the Dawn. 😀

. . . and please take some time to visit our fan page by clicking the image above and if you don’t mind click “LIKE“. Thank you! 😀

It is a virtual band that fulfill my wish to published my own songs without any compromise from other band member. The creation was inspired by another virtual band like Gorillaz, and from my favorite, Houkago Tea Time from K-ON! animated TV series (anime). 😀

Houkago Tea Time - Animation

Houkago Tea Time – Animation

Houkago Tea Time - Voice Actress

Houkago Tea Time – Voice Actress

did have a band before but it was destroyed along with how my love life destroyed and none of the band member give a damn about re-establishing it back. Disappointed as much as I couldn’t bear, there’s nothing I can do. I just let it go, gone with the wind. 🙁

Sun of the Dawn did have an official website, but the domain name gone when I didn’t renew it. I was broke. Not in term of financially but my heart and my mind are broken. If the remaining traces are not on immortal service like FacebookYouTube, and iTunes Store, I bet everything will be gone too. 😐

Technology Involved

If you notice the singer sound gibberish as if she don’t know how to speak English, let alone sing. ^^’

But actually this is the technology of singing synthesizer from Yamaha Corporation called Vocaloid. 🙂

I was using a Vocaloid voice bank named Sonika.

Vocaloid Sonika

Vocaloid Sonika

But I don’t like to use Sonika image as one of the band member of Sun of the Dawn.

Thus I create another character called Momoka as a singer and then the other member to complete the whole band. But things doesn’t go as planned. I manage to complete Momoka and another band member I named Yuka.

Momoka Tsukino in Band Costume

Momoka Tsukino in Band Costume

Yuka Hayashi in Band Costume

Yuka Hayashi in Band Costume

There are more picture of these two lovely girls. 😀

I will dedicated another portfolio post for them because the character copyrights own by me! XD


I’m Waiting For You Single

I'm Waiting For You Cover Art

I’m Waiting For You Cover Art

If you can’t accept the singing synthesizer voice, please listen to the SoundCloud track above for the instrumental version. Please give my piece of music a moment in your ear. ^^’

I also managed to press some CDs including both instrumental and the vocal version of the song. 😀

I'm Waiting For You CDs

I’m Waiting For You CDs

Come and get it from me while stock last, because I won’t press this anymore. 😉

But you can always get it from iTunes store.

I'm Waiting For You at iTunes Store

I’m Waiting For You at iTunes Store

Click the image above or click the link below will bring you to the iTunes store.

iTunes – Music – I’m Waiting For You – Single by Sun of the Dawn


My New Resolution

Create more happy and uplifting song. No more cursed melody or cursed lyric. No more cursed song! 😀

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