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My Unrequited Love

by Sep 23, 2015Life0 comments

I like this one girl.

She’s not the most beautiful girl in town but she’s cute. I like her cuteness. That’s why I like her.

But of course she never know about it.

Who knows about it?

I can say none.

To try to date her is like a snow suddenly fall here in Malaysia region. It’s weird and impossible. Well, that’s why it’s called unrequited love isn’t it?

But why I don’t have the guts to even confess to her?

My sanity prevents me from doing so…


It’s not what you think, lewd friends.

She’s definitely legal since she’s a university student. Oh, wow that’s some hints isn’t it? Don’t try to search my friend list though. Give me some room to hide! Haha

Unrequited Love : How does it feels?

There’s this one song’s lyric called “Meruto”, a song sung by Hatsune Miku.

The translation of the first few verse bring the meaning;

“When I wake up in the morning, there’s only one thing inside my mind.”

“Yes, it was you.”

Yeah, it is happening for real.

It’s not that I want to think about her but her face just come inside my mind. Admit to the defeat, I usually simply whisper her name and take shower, have my breakfast and start to go to do my 9 to 5 job.

There’s some day that we actually look into each other eyes for more than 1 seconds though. I think it’s like 3 second. So it still safe. Lol. Why it sound like a basketball rule?

She was listening to her friends talking and I was listening to her friends too that it happens unconditionally, unplanned but not enough to be labeled the same level as “fateful encounter”.

So what do I do now?


Yeah, simply nothing. Have a pity on me. (´・_・`)

But it’s okay, what they say? If she’s happy that I will be happy for her.


Who actually practice that cowboy?

Well, for the time being it will remain as unrequited love story from your dear half kami-sama.

I’ll try to be the best kami-sama that I should not put hope on humans.

But what if she’s not human too?

What if she’s a megami-sama?

A real one this time, and not a neko monster that look like a megami?

Well, she will be the cute little megami-sama then.

Knows any megami with short hair? Skuld have long black hair and I do like her too. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Skuld : Ah! Megami-sama!


She’s cute right?

 But no, her look is far from depicted Skuld.

There’s still much that I don’t know about her. For example, I don’t know her favorite colour, her favorite food and etc.

But let’s just look from far for now so there’s no casualty. (^∇^)


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