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About a Not So Close Friend That Are Always There

by Sep 22, 2015Life0 comments

Say, do you have any friend?


Fan sign from the lovely Andrea for me, not really related to the article though.

Such a simple question but there’s a lot of people that I considered friends simply answer me with a reference from an anime series.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Which mean “I Don’t Have Any Friends”.

Which mean I am not in their circle of people that they consider friend.

Well, my thought say maybe they take this “friend” word too deep.

For me, if we talks then we’re friend. It’s not necessary to bond so much with that particular person before we can call that person our friend, don’t you agree?

An acquaintance for me is someone that I know a face but maybe I’ve forgotten her name.

A Friend From Far

Do you have friend that physically far from you but that are always there, when you needed to talk someone?

I do.

Usually these friends will be more open about their secrets and real life condition than the friends that I face everyday.

I wonder why that is?

Perhaps it’s because we don’t face to face that we are not afraid to be feel shame?

But I wonder how if one day we met face to face, do they still remember what have they spilt to me that day?

I have this friend that always checking on me every now and then.

Ironically, we never met in real life. But then, he knows if I feel down or if I’m in the peak of my happiness.

I’m a bad person, maybe.

I usually forgotten to catch up with these kind of wonderful people. It’s always them who started the conversations.

Or is it me who is introvert so much?

But I will never forgotten all the kind gesture and good will people given to me.

The bad side of it, I won’t easily forgotten and forgiven somebody who hurt me or do something bad to me. But then, it’s quite rare and hard for me to feel piss off either.

Back to the not so close friend just now, there’s some period of my life where I am crying everyday (metaphorically) that I shut away from any friends that I know and have met in real life.

But I became close to the distance friend that some I never met in real life. That’s one of the power of social media and Internet.

I wonder why is that?

I wonder if everyone is the same?

Life without internet would be insane for me at this moment because I like to catch up with these distance friends.

Some people may say this as “no life”. But then let’s think what life is if everyday you go to work meet up with your friends with no smile on your face?

And this distance friend saw me through when I hit the rock bottom. And when the days get better, I usually shed some manly tears in rememberance of their kindness.

Do you have this kind of person in your life?


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