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After giving some maturity time for the Windows 10, I finally decided to try to install Windows 10 Pro on my Macbook Pro Early 2011.

I use Windows on Macbook Pro simply for its native performance when I play games.

Based on my experience, games on the same title runs so much better on Windows environment than on OSX.

The Installation

I was trying to use USB to install while it is actually not supported.

So I have to edit the Bootcamp Assistant app .plist file to enable the “Create USB boot disk”.

Bootcamp Assistant Creat USB Boot Disk

Bootcamp Assistant Creat USB Boot Disk

Of course, you still need to download the Windows 10 ISO file from the Microsoft.

But I did not use Bootcamp Assistant app to create the Windows partition.

Instead, I use Disk Utilities to resize the current OSX install and let around 199 GB of empty FAT partition.

After that, I shutdown the machine and press “option (alt)” during the startup to bring the selection of startup disk which will show the USB install disk we created earlier as “UEFI boot”.

I simply click on that and the installation of my Windows 10 Pro begins.

Installing Windows 10 Pro on Macbook Pro Early 2011

Installing Windows 10 Pro on Macbook Pro Early 2011

And of course after that, activated it.

Activating Windows 10

Activating Windows 10

The Problems

Now, come the problems.

Bluetooth : Apple Wireless Keyboard

There’s no way to pair the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

During the pairing process, no matter what I did like pressing CMD + W, still doesn’t let the Apple Wireless Keyboard to be paired with it.

External Display Through Mini Display Port

It does not work at all no matter what I did.

I went ahead and install the latest drivers from Intel website itself but it still does not detect my external display render this setup useless for me. 🙁


Everything Else Are Working

Everything else such as bluetooth speaker, speaker, special buttons and wi-fi are working flawlessly.


My Advice

Do not install Windows 10 Pro on your Macbook Pro Early 2011 if you need to use external display like me.

It won’t work.

Simply sit on the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, it will be good enough.

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