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Not As Much Trees As I Thought; It’s The FOG!

by Feb 2, 2014Games Development0 comments

I rebooted into my Bootcamp partition and launched Windows 8 Pro that I installed there. I occasionally boot to Windows partition just to play games. It’s unusual for me to do anything really productive there since I got my Macbook Pro.

The saying is really true.

Once you go Mac, you’ll never look back.

They said.

But not really, OSX is not “game friendly” and I don’t know when will they be. Even though the developer claimed that the game was coded in native OSX environment, they can’t give the performance as good as when I play them on Windows. The examples are SimCity (2013), StarCraft 2, and Spore. (These are the only games I have in both operating system.)

My intention was to learn from the big studio on the creation of the forest. I saw Far Cry 3 screenshot, but I don’t have the game to justify how they really did it. But I have Assassin’s Creed 3 and Tomb Raider (2013).

To my surprise, there are not really as much trees as I thought! But before this, I was really feel the forest is real. I feel there’s a lot of trees there in the jungle. I found out the terrain I make have a lot more trees but “I can’t feel it” like it is the jungle or forest.

Looking clearly at the environment, there’s actually more grasses, bushes and other small plants that doesn’t contribute to the colliding effects such as tree! And then not long after that, I realise the fog… the fog which what make it feel real.

These are black box style screenshot. Black box mean I don’t put credits on who did the screenshots but I don’t hot link to their server leaching their resources. However, if the person that makes these screenshot want me to take down any of the images, simply email me. Okay?

And here’s my terrain with fog. Look much better.

Though, the fog is not the magic bean either. It does look better but to certain extend, we still need a good environment. I’ll come up with new terrain again, I guess since this one doesn’t satisfy me. If I’m not satisfied, let alone the player.

On another note, I found out that Crystal Engine, the engine which drive Tomb Raider (2013) looks similar to Unity terrain out come. So I guess I should refer my work to this. Since AAA is what I pursue, there’s nothing much to be reinvent. Just follow what have been done by proven success story. 🙂


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