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Free Trees & Vegetations In Unity Asset Store

by Feb 9, 2014Games Development2 comments

I downloaded all of the available FREE trees and other vegetations from the Unity Assets Store and “auditioned” them all in one scene. After looking at all of them, we never actually needed to buy any of this tree model if making a generic jungle is all we need. Generic tropical jungle is what I want to do, thus, no need to buy. Save money on other more important or “can’t get for free” assets.

But if your niche is fantasy or toon, you have to buy or create your own model because I hardly found good model in that genre.

Here are the free trees screenshots for your viewing pleasure.



  1. jhuhtanen

    Looks great! do you know good sites where you can find free assets for Unity other than Unity store?

    • Pangeran Wiguan @ WG Creative Solutions

      There’s plenty of places, but not always “Unity ready”. Some need to be converted first.
      I want to skip that hassle thus just stick to Unity Asset Store for now, that’s more than enough for me at the moment.


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