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Hawayu My Friend?

by Oct 27, 2015Life0 comments

Let It Go

The thought of letting you hurt yourself despised me.

But what can I do to help you?

Because I know how it feels to be deeply in love that you want every support that you can have to win her love.
It’s just too bad my friend.

Even though I’m a “kami-sama” myself, I can’t help you much.


Because the last time I check with my very own personal experience, a bitch will always be a bitch.

What I hope happened to you…

Miracle still exist my friend.
So do love for you.
And from my own experience for living more than a millenium, I can say you’ll find a much better person.

Tell me if I’m wrong but we can do a bet.
If I’m right you have to name your son to reflects my name.
This girl will be way younger than you.
But don’t think her young age spell unwise champagne for you.
She will know just what you need and the most important thing is there’s no other world that she have other than you.

But of course, I can’t say when that will happen because my power are beyond that topic.
I just know it like how I know people will die if they are being killed. 😉
Now if you think this is absurd, tell me then, what happen if a God being killed?
Well, they don’t die.

What you should do now?

Okay, my friend.
Waiting for miracle alone is not enough.

It’s like you ready to wait for the apple to fall but you do not reach out your hand to catch that apple.
Guess what happened?
The apple will fall to the ground.

Just like you’re waiting for the miracle to happened. I want you to change!

If you think you’re lacking in “visual” department, do something about it!
I know you can do it!
You are not the most fugly person that I have ever met.
In fact, with a little trim and more care about how your visual appear to others, that might prepare you with self confidence and necessary self control of not feeling so inferior.

Seriously man?
You still linger around that unfit boxer engine for your Toyota?
Just leave and never think about it anymore.
But don’t be hostile, because it will be obvious.
Make yourself busy and unavailable.
When this boxer engine owner call for you for a service that are for free, say that you’re busy or didn’t have the tools to do so.
Yes, you’re badly BEING USED before.
That’s what I don’t like.
Now that I’m trying to talk in your language.
I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

The best way to move on is to stay away and cut clean all connections.
Make it smooth so you don’t make unecessary mess.

Last in this post my friend, don’t kill yourself.
Flock around with that friend that can make you go out of the room or shout in despair when playing Dota or CS that makes you forgot about all this shitty messed up feeling.

Ja! Matane!


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