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Herbal Ointment For Asthma

by Jul 29, 2016Life0 comments

I was on Facebook running through my feed like usual.

It has been entertainment to me.

Then there’s this one of my friends talking about how his child got into very bad asthma disease.

I have slight asthma, not that bad but I only experience attacks once during my childhood time.

The topic then moves on to the local produce ointment called “Minyak Herba Asma”, which means “asthma herbal ointment” if translated from Malay to English.

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab

That was the tagline on the sticker stuck to the bottle of this locally produced ointment.

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Front

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Front

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Back View

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Back View

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Bottle Size Compared to iPhone 6 Plus

Minyak Herba Asma Mujarab Bottle Size Compared to iPhone 6 Plus

After some talks about this ointment, I told my friend I’m interested.

So I got it through the mail and here it is as shown in the photos above. 🙂

First Impression

My first impression is like, well it looks “D.I.Y” but then it comes with this kinda high-tech holographic QR code sticker at the back as shown in the photo and I was like;

“Wow, they really serious about marketing this thing. huh?”

It comes in a very sturdy glass bottle and is sealed with a green plastic kind of sealant.

When I opened it, I can smell some pleasant smell of mint but then when I rub it on my skin, I kinda smell a burnt wood smell.

Not that bad but it’s kinda weird to have that smell after the mint smell has gone.

The Usage

The label said this ointment is useful for;

  • Cough
  • Asthma
  • Tiredness
  • Stomach Ache and bloated.
  • Small scratches and wounds.
  • Burnt
  • Insect Bite
  • and even toothaches.

Wow, that’s kinda a lot of usefulness in just one bottle.

Testimonial From Other People

I disbelief at that list so I did some research on how this little bottle of ointment really works.

And I found a lot of positive testimonials around the web.

Those screenshots.

You know.

Some of the screenshots that I’ve found are these.


The screenshot said:

“My mom uses the ointment and there’s a lot of relief, she doesn’t have to really dependent on pills.”

“And she said that it also eases her sleeping time, she doesn’t feel that tired anymore.”



“Thank God, the ointment makes my daughter recover from coughing faster than usual and I found it is also very suitable to become body massage oil.”


Said :

“Thanks, received the item. There are changes on Memey when I rub this ointment on her. Very effective, I want to order a big bottle next time.”

There’s a Fake Version Too

I was surprised to see that there’s a fake version of this ointment too.

Who thought right?

But there’s an official video to show how to detect the original version.

Nothing much I can say for now.

So far it does what it claims and I’m glad that Malaysian now have this kind of attitude to bringing traditional medicine for easier reach on the market.

How To Get It?

The channel is still small to get it but on the edge of broadband age, you don’t have to worry as you can order this ointment online and they will ship to you as long as you are willing to pay the shipping fee.

Website :
Facebook : Penawar Semput, Lelah dan Asma
HQ Contact No. :

Mdm. Nurul : 017 623 9935 (Product Owner)

Mr. Hafis +60-13-4806787 (Sales Department)

Until next time guys, see you guys.


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