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Busy With “Day Work”

by Feb 17, 2014General3 comments

I’m so busy with “day work” so I can feed myself until I don’t have time for game development. It’s sad, but I bet many also face this problem.


  1. NE1

    Definitely a common issue but I hope you get some time to work on your project soon. 🙂

      • NE1

        Even at major studios the alpha versions of a game aren’t AAA quality. Perhaps instead of deciding to lower you quality standard you should set your goals for an alpha build, one where the core of the game is playable but you aren’t feature or art complete. Once there you can set your sights on Beta (feature complete, art and design polish necessary) and finally on release.

        The goal is that at each stage the game should be fun. If it’s fun and playable you have a great game that you can then make AAA quality if that’s what you feel is best.


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