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Okay, this is the real life story now. Not the work of fiction. I think next time I will put a disclaimer whenever I’m writing a lyric, or a work of fictions. I mean… yeah… 🙂

Taking A Short Break

Recently we’ve been burnt out or something like that.

But I just can’t be creative anymore, at the moment. There’s no nice rhythm even to my ears when I’m trying to compose some nice music. So be it. We’re taking a short break but of course in a productive way.

Game Developing

While taking a break from making music, I’ve been deep into game development again.

This time, I really go deep.

As deep as releasing an open beta and make new friends from among the other game developers. We become quite close, fast. I wonder why this does not happens to me and other musician? Perhaps because musicians are trying to rival each other while these indie game developers are trying to help each other. Well, doesn’t matter that. The game development does not waste my talent in music.

A game need a music and there I swore to make a nice music for the game and also there will be in-game advertising about the musical project that I’ve done.

A Day With Nana

So you might be wondering what’s the game that I’m developing?

It’s called A Day With Nana.

Just follow the linked text above to find out more.

This game is a visual novel but I added a 3D feature to it.

Performing In Anime Event Up-coming October

It’s our first performance as The White Parasol.

And we, me and EKO will sing some anime songs. We haven’t really decide which one.

Not just sing but also play the guitar and performs, while not dancing I think it will be a challenging day but fun.

Look forward for the event.

They still haven’t officially announce us yet, so we can’t really say which event yet.

Until next time guys.

By the way, if you have personal blog, drop a link. 😉

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