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Unity-Chan – A Unity 3D “MOE” Mascot

by Jun 26, 2014Games Development2 comments

Unity Girl

Unity Girl

Her real name is Kohaku Ootori.

“chan” is actually a common “suffix” for “someone cute” in Japan.

And “moe” is personally my thought about this kind of anime-ish character design. Regardless of it’s in 3D or 2D.

Before she was released officially on Assets Store, I already have her in my hard drive. The anime fans community have been fast spreading this kind of creative content.

If you see the video below, you will found out the similarity of the character design of Unity-chan and Miku in the video below.

This is what I called, “moe” design whether you want to agree or not. But commonly, we just call it “anime-style” character design. LOL 😀

Unity-Chan Is For Commercial?

Well, from that long and confusing license, I can safely deduct that Unity-chan can be use in both free and commercial games with certain conditions that is; we must put the license and copyright information about Unity-chan in the creative work (game) that we make.

Another term is that we are expected to make less than 10 million Yen annually. More than that, we are required to acquire another separate license.

Similar to what have been done for Miku up there. This is common license in Japan.

Oh, yea. Right. I forgot to mention that Unity-chan WAS DESIGN by Unity Japan. Make sense. Japanese people tend to give a cute mascot to their product for promotion. It works though. Especially in this creative content field.

My Plan For Kohaku-chan

Don’t know which is the sur-name. 😛

But I plan to make a “visual novel” kind of game with Kohaku, just that I don’t know what kind of story it would be. I’m just targeting a 3-5 hours of game play. 😛 Lazy. Nope. Just want to polish up with small things before going for the big.

What do you think about Unity-chan? Most people like it and it now being the TOP FREE downloaded assets at Unity Assets Store.

Download Unity Chat at the Assets Store, here.


  1. Andrei Muller

    This asset is soo awesome! “Go! go! Unity-chan!”
    I also think of creating a game using Unity-chan (my idea is more like a 3D platformer game).


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