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Shortcut With plyGame

by Jun 26, 2014Games Development2 comments

Before, I was thinking to build my own framework for the game. But as you can see, the progress are really slow. So I decide to use third party framework so I can move on making the game instead of making a game framework.

After looking through between ORK Framework and plyGame, I finally decide to pick plyGame. Actually, I was about to email PL Young for a sponsorship of his software since I’m broke but I was quite lucky that he reduce the price of the software from USD$65 (RM209.10) to just $20 (RM64.34). I quickly check out, afraid if the price change again.

Why plyGame?

ORK Framework is easy to use and there’s more than enough tutorial for you to make a complete game. Beside I’ve play some of the game which use ORK Framework. You can try to play it from the link below.

There’s a game called Monster Girl Quest 3D. I’ve played that erotic game in 2D version but the 3D model in that demo really need to be polish up.

But they got funded on Kickstarter to make the fully furnished game. You can find their Kickstarter campaign below.

ORK Framework power. One word.


But then, I still want to go for plyGame because plyGame looks more flexible in the build and I like the visual scripting feature which I can use to develop other game than RPG. That’s the point.

I’ve just finished reading the documentation and watching all the tutorial videos and I found out that this is the workflow that suitable with me compare to ORK Framework.

What about you? Do you code your own framework or use 3rd party solutions?


  1. Eric Muyser

    Hey Wiguan,

    How did you end up liking plyGame? Was it the right choice? Did you switch to anything else?


  2. Wiguan

    I still use plyGame and use the blox extensively in all of my Unity project.


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