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ReCore – An Exclusive XBOX ONE & Microsoft Windows Store Games

by Jan 5, 2017Video Games0 comments

Hi, I just recently actively switching back to use Windows because of game development.

While at it, I’m enjoying playing games by other developer as well of course.

Here, I play ReCore.

Made in Unity3D game engine.

Exclusive Game Title

If I didn’t mess around with Windows Store the other day, I won’t even find this game title.

It is actually an interesting game!

But I don’t know the existence because my main game marketplace is Steam.

I do have several title on Origin but that’s because they are The Sims and Sim City, those are well-known title to begin with.

I’m not sure how many use Windows Store to buy their games, but it definitely not me and my friend circle. But maybe it will change in the future? Who knows.

With games like this, people might just buy the game because they like it regardless of where the marketplace is.

My Though About The ReCore

ReCore is a great game, and I never thought that Unity3D can bring us this kind of graphic. Though as a programmer myself I found several flaw in the movements of the character when comparing it to the bigger game title such as Assassins’s Creed and similar, that doesn’t stop me from having fun playing the game.

So basically the game is already in Space age where human are colonising another planet, but in ReCore the plan doesn’t go as planned. Something bad happens and the character without further information start to find some kind of power source.

From there we as player are being introduced to the world of ReCore which is so far very interesting to me! 😀

Game Performance

I ran it on 4K resolution on my mid end gaming rig which is the combination of Intel Core i7 6700K (overclocked at 100MHz x50) and the mid range graphic card, Zotac Nvidia GTX 1060 AMP Edition (stock clock).

It ran well, though I can’t see how much the frames per second are.

It seems that our eyes can’t differentiate it actually, huh?

Because I usually depends on the steam FPS counter overlay to tell how many FPS the game run.

Overall Experience

Everything seems polished and fun.

I’m so interested to continue playing this game but the trial ended just like you saw in the video.

Will I buy it?

Hmmmm… maybe?

Because it’s not on steam where I can “show off” my games are with my friends, I kinda reluctant to buy anything outside of Steam marketplace.

Will I Recomends ReCore To You?

Of course!

It’s a good games, and please don’t pirate it.

Support the developers, they are having a hard time developing a nice game like that and we should reward them at least by buying the games on their official channel. 🙂

After watching the video, how do you think ReCore are?

Fun or boring?


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