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Facebook Copyright Infringement Took Down My Cover Video And Give Stern Warning

by May 9, 2017Music is My Life0 comments

Just now Facebook sent me an email telling me that they took down one of my videos because of copyright infringement and then in separate e-mail, they sent me a stern warning that if I repeat the copyright infringement act, my account will be disabled.

The party who report my video is David from Universal Music Group.

The Video Is Fine On YouTube

The same video does not fall under copyright infringement on YouTube

The same video does not fall under copyright infringement on YouTube

It actually an old crappy song that I uploaded to YouTube before I upload the chorus part only to Facebook.

Here’s the video link.

Why I Uploaded The Video To Facebook?

We all know that Facebook does not like outside content.

Embedded YouTube link won’t get the same exposure compare to a video that directly uploaded to Facebook.

So I decided to cut a small part of the full video, the chorus part in this case, upload it to Facebook and then write a call to action shout out with the link to the full video on YouTube.

The view increased compared to the video that I didn’t use this trick.

A Year Later

I’m not sure why, is it Universal Music Group is that desperate or just poor management?

The algorithm detect that video as copyright infringement and decide to take down the video.

Not just taking down the video, Facebook as well sent an “advisory” e-mail to warn me that if I ever upload another copyrighted materials, my account may be disabled.

I don’t mind they took down the video, but disabling account is so cruel and short-sighted in my point of view.

If YouTube can do a nice monetisation deal for the videos, why not Facebook?

What do you think?

And subscribe to my YouTube channel if you may.

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