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Ancestral Curse 0.0.16 – Splash Screen

by Jun 28, 2014Games Development0 comments

I feel shame when I look at the previous progress. Nothing at all. 🙁

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 2.33.56 AM

I will start to use plyGame from the version 0.0.16.

Looking through all the tutorials video, I guess I have to at least make the splash screen work first. Just make everything work first, cosmetic alteration can come up at later stage of the development process.

This is the first time of my game development experience. I still do not know how is the best to manage those version because looking at previous Unity project, I found out that I imported a lot of garbage that I don’t even use in the scene. I wonder if those garbage will be included in the build.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 3.02.27 AM

And . . . working with slow computer (Macbook Pro early 2011) sometimes is a little annoying because sometimes importing a big assets or doing rendering works, took a longer time. Well, this is what I have right now, and I am still grateful that I bought this Macbook 3 years ago. If it is a Windows machine, I don’t think it still last until today.

Splash Screen Movie

Like for example when rendering the splash screen using Compressor, which is actually less than 30 seconds movie took half an hour? 🙁

Rendering splash screen in Compressor

Well, while waiting I wrote this blog post. Trying to be productive here, even though it’s 3:55 am in the morning. 😛

Who Read This Blog?

Sometimes I’m wondering myself, who will actually read this post. I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend. She use to read all my Facebook updates, my tweets on Twitter and also my blog post. But I don’t think she will read everything about me anymore ever since we’ve broke up.

I use to love her so much, I still do. But I guess, I’ll just do what I can the best. Maybe make a visual novel game based on our love story. Hmmm . . . :'( Better not!

Okay, that was far from game development log, but anyway I think if you’re actually a reader of this blog, you should know a little about my feeling. Feel, make a good song, so do a good game. (Hopefully) 🙂

And sometimes I do feel like I’m writing a dialog for a visual novel game with all those smileys. 😮 A good practice! Maybe . . . 😉 (w) WordPress new emoticons are nice.

. . . and then I found out that the video streaming in Unity is a PRO feature. 😐 I was wasting time. ^^’

Video Screenshot

But anyway, here’s the video of how the progress of making the screen. I can’t believe it, it so simple. If you understand how to make a simple website, this could be as easy as that.


Here are the download link of the build if you wish to run it on your own computer.

Enjoy :mrgreen:

Ancestral Curse 0.0.16B2 For MAC (112.6 MB)

Ancestral Curse 0.0.16B2 For Windows (104.25 MB)

Tell me what do you think?


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