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Code Name : Cyber Robot Girl In Planning!

by Aug 12, 2016Games Development0 comments

If you’re my friend and my circle, most probably you already know that now I’m on my way to finish “A Day With Nana“.

It’s just a simple visual novel game that I’m making with Tyrano Builder, a free assets provided by my friends, my own self fantasy storyline as well as my original music composition.

Guess what?

I’ll be putting on simple voice over by a real Japanese voice actress too!

Sound ambitious huh?

Maybe no.

It actually quite a simple project if you actually give it a try.

No programming, just provide your art materials and storyline and you’re done. Though in this case the only art material that I provide is just my pieces of music.

Do You Like Robot Girl?

Well, rejoice if you do because after a day with Nana, I will make a game somewhere about acquiring, hunting and assembling your own robot girl. Cyborg girl to be precise because she is half humans. Artificial human. Lel.

I’ve some candidates assets that I’ve been keeping my eyes on. Just look at this and tell me what you think when you look at her?

Yeah right… You just have to make her yours! Haha

And here’s some video that I capture using my phone.

What do you think?

Exciting huh? 😀

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