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Rem-rin vs. Emilia-tan and Why Rem Wins My Heart

by Aug 10, 2016Anime Related0 comments

Wow, this is practically the first post I post in this category… “Anime Stuffs”.

Image compiled by someone on Tumblr.

Let’s straight to the topic then.

I can’t denied that Emilia is the kind of everyone’s dream girl. Me too. I would be the most luckiest person on earth if someone like Emilia actually exist and become my waifu. Well I’ve found someone like that in real life. Princess, healing type.

For sure every day will be the happiest day. Imagine waking up, to be greet by that smile. And she always so sensitive that she will know if you’re actually in trouble and will try to do everything to make you feel better.

Ah ~ what else can a man ask?

But why it is Rem that I fall more?

Let’s look at what Rem are?

Demonic creäture.

Deemed imperfect by her own demon clan because they believe she “took” one of Ram’s horn and if she didn’t exist Ram could have two horns and become a very powerful demon.

She also have inferior complex. Always feeling useless than Ram.

What’s Make Rem Become The Best Girl?

I don’t know.

The more I try to understand it, the more I’m feeling confuse why we all gone so crazy for Rem.

Maybe, Rem only a “best girl” when we look at her from third point of view. Yes, as an audience because we see what she have done. But then, in the story Subaru himself know what Rem have done for him. The hands that holds his when he’s lying there on the bed.

If it’s me, I’m quite blindly like Rem by instinct.

Even though Emilia appear at the very early of the series, I don’t feel anything towards her. But I got hooked up when Ram & Rem appear. I even go as far looking for the manga, just to feast more on their “screening time”.

So, does it come to appearance in the end?

Maybe, we all just shallow I guess.

Well, I am.

I don’t even know anything about her, just know that she’s a demon. Love truly. Loyal. Know how to cook well. Will serve you well. Will prioritize you first. I mean, come on…

What about you?


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