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Musiristica GameDev Diary #1 – Combining The Pieces Together

by Aug 31, 2014Games Development0 comments

Hello, guys.

I made some progress.

I got the name. Musiristica.

I derive this word from music, musica, rising and the names of some beautiful woman on Earth. 😛

1. First rough idea for Musiristica

1. First rough idea for Musiristica

At first, I just want to make a game about idol daily live simulation. But then, I think it will be boring if there’s only one selling point that’s where the decision to add some actions shooting and killing coming from.

Basically, we fight with the music. 🙂

But there’s more to it. the idol daily live simulation will also running while on the border of the city are battle field where without the support from this idol, the war will never won.

Interesting? Read on! XD

If you see below, that is the proposed maps for the Starlight Academy, where idols being made. Idols here not just those girls band group or boy band group but everyone that involved in the creative industry.

2. The Starlight Academy

2. The Starlight Academy

If you want, below are the rough storyline that I wrote during the down time of my internet several days ago. By the time I’m writing this post, actually I was constructing the Musiristica page where the story are explained in more details and there’s some slight change to it.

However of course, I won’t just stick to this until the end.

I will change the course of the story depends on feedback from people like you, my friends and family.

So, please don’t hesitate to voice out your opinion, okay? 😉

But regardless of how the story change, the game mechanic will always be the same.

The story will only affects the intro cut scene and quests inside the game.

Story Page 1

Story Page 1

Story Page 2

Story Page 2

Story Page 3

Story Page 3

Okay, this come out from an idol simulation game, to full-scale action war + shooting & hack and slash game, now what?


Yeah, to make it more interesting, in my opinion we need some grande enemy that make us human unite under one banner. The enemy so far only consist of this one werewolf look-alike but I plan to add more characters soon as the game progress.

Beside, I have some hidden plan deep inside my heart that this is not just another hack and slash game. XD



The Boom Box - Must have during on the battle field!

The Boom Box – Must have during on the battle field!

So far, so good for me.

I also started to use GIT version control system now.

I use SourceTree and BitBucket to manage this game source code and of course I set it to private while my public codes are hosted at the most popular code host, GitHub.

So, what is your opinion on these? 🙂


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