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GameDev #14 – We’re Slow But Still Moving

by Sep 13, 2014Games Development0 comments

It’s been a challenging week for me.

Fighting alone with emotional challenges and many other things that we call life.

But I’m still struggling, I’ll not be a quitter.

Even though this look meaningless but level design is not as easy as I thought. In my opinion it is easy to program a game mechanic than designing a level. At least for me since I’m not a designer in the first place.

Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

Absolute Point Garden (WIP)

And here how it look like before anything happen.

Absolute Garden (Cube~Cube~)

Absolute Garden (Cube~Cube~)

Other than level design, I’m still confuse which direction this game should be.

I want it to be able to play with people around the world (MMO) but this can be a good RPG games as well.

Hmm… Tsk 🙁


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