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My Macbook Pro Is Too Old?

by Aug 5, 2014Life2 comments

It’s rare for my Macbook Pro to shut itself down, but yesterday it did. 😳

With the new Macbook Pro lineup with latest specifications that technology can offer, I am thinking whether I really should saving up for a new Macbook Pro? ^^’

My Macbook Pro Specifications

My Macbook Pro Specifications

If you see the above image, my Macbook Pro is coming from the Early 2011 age. It’s when Snow Leopard coming out. The matter of fact, my sister who is not a very tech-savvy still using Snow Leopard up until today, the time of this post is written. ^^’

  1. Snow Leopard
  2. Lion
  3. Mountain Lion
  4. Mavericks

So I’ve experienced operating system updates for four times already. πŸ™‚

And each time, I will backup my data, and do a clean install of the new operating system.

Since today is August, 2014, that makes that this Macbook Pro have been with me since the past 3 years.Β The longest record still keep by my old Compaq Presario V3000 which last for me for four years before it dies on me in 2012.

The reason I get myself a Macbook Pro was not because I want to replace the Compaq laptop, but because I want to use it for IOS software development. But I ended up become a musician. ^^’

MacBook Pro Suddenly Restarted Itself

MacBook Pro Suddenly Restarted Itself

Macbook Pro Error

Macbook Pro Error



  1. Edison

    My Macbook pro is old too… πŸ™

    • Pangeran Wiguan

      Daijoubu da yo… It still functioning. πŸ™‚


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