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HabitRPG – I Found It Fun To Use While Being Productive

by Aug 6, 2014Applications2 comments

I found out about HabitRPG from Retridemption’s blog post titled TLQ: The Questgiver is on Schedule?

At first, it looks like a silly pixel art RPG game. 🙄

But after some quick reading, I decide to Play the game and I found out that it’s fun despite they’re just using pixel art style characters. 😀

p/s: I never fancy pixel art outside the retro game console. They just don’t look right to me. So I’m sorry if I’m a little too biased here. ^^’


Something that is on my wish list after looking at this is I wish that they have some options to choose the HD version of those character designs. ^^’

Last Time I Used To Use Evernote

It’s a nice to-do list, the best so far. It makes you feel that every task is important since it will deal damage your character. Last time I used to use Evernote for my to-do list, but it seems I will change this eventually. But I will always use Evernote, still. It’s the best place to store everything and you can access it anywhere. Something like notes. 😉

Having to check my to-do list regularly, I like that HabitRPG comes as a web application where I can log in anywhere, anytime. Better it also comes with its own iOS and Android application.

HabitRPG On IOS and Android
HabitRPG On IOS and Android

Reward, Merit/Demerit

What makes HabitRPG so different from other to-do list apps is the reward, merit, and demerit system that it uses. With this, I will have more motivation to finish every to-do list. However, it is still up to the person himself whether these apps mean anything or not. ^^’

For me, I’ll make use of it to the fullest to be more productive and change my behavior into someone I wanted to be. 😀

As for the RPG feature, it’s just to make it more fun with those achievements and etc.

I use to track my daily life with apps such as My Fitness PalPacer, and Sleep Bot. So this is another great application that I will use for sure.

My HabitRPG So Far
My HabitRPG So Far

As you can see, I try to balance my work and play. As well as creating positive behavior in myself.

I hope this post will help HabitRPG to be discovered by same like-minded people who will find it useful, someone like me. 😀

p/s: Even writing this post now is rewarding since I put it in my Daily Activities in HabitRPG. 😉


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