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Introduction To Ancestral Curse (^^,)

by Jan 29, 2014Games Development0 comments

Here I am, I really like to do the planning than executing it. That’s why, I’m more suitable to be a producer than a developer but reality doesn’t agree with me. I don’t have the resources in sense of financial capability to do so.

The matter of fact, I see most game developers didn’t even say anything during this phase. Perhaps they want to protect the intellectual property value that come with the “game idea”. Well, I’ve put a thought on that too and I even ask around on forums where indie game developers always lurk around. Some are against it, but most of those who reply said… No one bother. Perhaps they are right. I’m sure not anyone bother about this post too. (Prove me wrong by leaving a comment or anything. ^^, ) Beside, if people really read this, it will be a good exposure for the game, they said that. True.

I like to brain-storm using mind map. It’s fun and make me feel more creative. I like to see how the branching grow from a simple 1 point into a big giant ball. Maybe not in this case. I’m using XMind for Mac since it’s free. For iPad, I really recommends iThoughts HD. But I can’t afford to buy it again for the MAC version, it’s just too expensive for a mind mapping tools.

Here’s the “game idea” of Ancestral Curse mind map.

Ancestral Curse Game Idea

Ancestral Curse Game Idea

Go on, you can click the image to view it. Perhaps you can “borrow” some of the idea. I will feel proud if you do, that’s just proof how good my idea is. lol (^^,) This is not final yet, because I may change, add or remove some of the points listed. I want to use the KISS method for this first project. KISS = Keep It Simple… Stu…pid… Haha (^^,)


Where The Story Took Place?

It’s happening mostly in the olden days of Borneo.

The area nowadays called Binuang. It’s a real existing place. A very rural place where the only way to reach there is by air route using a small plane like Cessna.

Cessna 1951

Cessna 1951 – Image taken from Wikipedia.

This use to be the land of head hunters. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Yes, this is it. The game is about them, from insiders view. Yes, the blood that run in my vein is belong to these head hunters. (^^,)Y Though we don’t hunts human head anymore since we all converted into Christian and worship the Lord Jesus Christ now.

However, the story will be exaggerated for the sake of the game, obviously. So don’t really take it 100% Β to define what kind of people my ancestors were. πŸ˜›

So The Story Is About Head Hunters? Wasn’t That Violence?

Not really, if it’s okay for you to play Assassins Creed, then it will be okay for you to play this game. At least I won’t put swearing dialogue like in GTA series. For parental control, blood will be disabled. But to be honest, I don’t develop this game for kids. It’s for the people from the age of 16 – 35. I know some gamers still play games even though they are more than 50, but that’s just the general assumptions of the target audience, okay?

Main Character


My name, yes… my name… I know… But actually it’s simply like a surname for western society. I haven’t really find a suitable name yet. Maybe this will stick. Maybe not. Basically, Pangeran is a young man almost represent my real self. At the age of 27, with no achievements or anything… at all… :-/ Worst, everything fall apart every time he thought things will go well.

So is this an ANCESTRAL CURSE? (Or the later he’ll think it’s a gift?)

I’m planning to use Make Human and UMA (Unity Multi-purpose Avatar) technology to make all the human characters in this game.

The reason is pretty straight forward. I’m not a modeller, and I’m broke to hired one. (^^,)

Daten Binuang

Name are subjected to change. Why? Because this is the founder of Binuang and he live many-many-many centuries ago that I’m not sure what actually happens. I plan to make this game to be continuing. For this episode, the story will revolve around Daten Binuang.

You guess it right. He’s “the ancestor”. πŸ™‚

And on another episode, we’ll make the game about another ancestor based on their myth and legend. Sound familiar huh? It’s okay, I admit I’m VERY MUCH INSPIRED from Assassins Creed series. Yea, I’m a big fans but the game play won’t be so near to that genre. There will be no boats or cannons or pistols or horses. Because our people didn’t do that.

Expected Game Play

You won’t be surprise. It’s RPG games. Action RPG. Third Person view RPG.

It as well an open world free roaming. Mostly only around the forest, modern city of Miri will be limitedly accessible since the story is about the olden days of Borneo, not in the modern-day. Oh yea, did I told you that Miri is another real city? Well, it is. πŸ˜€

This might surprise you. SIMULATOR.

You will play as farmer. Grow your crops, feed your live stocks. Inspired by the popular farming simulation on IOS platform, HayDay. πŸ˜€

Sound Interesting So Far, But The Execution Plan?

I’m a one man developer. With no money for out sourcing and nothing to be given out for collaboration. What I really can do is only producing music for the game since that was my past experience. I wanted to stop, but that experience is very useful for this project.

Perhaps I’ll score a music for other people to get some money, find me if you need me. πŸ™‚

Olden Days Borneo Execution Plan

Olden Days Borneo Execution Plan

I’m not a great project manager. So here’s how I do my things. Fish bone mind map. Haha (^^,)

The plan start with making the terrain and environment. I plan to get the height-map data from NASA and start from there. I don’t aim to be 100% accurate but at least, since it’s based on real place and the myth and legend that come from that place, I want to make it come close to the real thing. πŸ™‚

Wish my luck in my adventure and any support from you in term of financial aid, models or anything are highly appreciated.

Yes, I plan to commercialise this game. πŸ™‚ How? I’ll think about it later.


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