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Cosplayers Social Gathering In Miri, Sarawak

by Jul 13, 2015Life0 comments

It’s a trend that I just get accustomed this year. Even though I’m not a cosplayer, I like to join them (the cosplayer) when they have a mini gathering.

I don’t know if it’s just out of my radar but this trend doesn’t happen during my times in University.
Back there, it was so hard to find people who actually do a costume play.
Nah, crippled Halloween costume at Uni doesn’t count.

But of course, not everyone actually accepted that this is a “sane” hobby.
Some commentators even said they will get “scared” if they actually meet us at the mall.

Hmm… I wonder why?
But to begin with, we in this circle is not a normal human being in the first place.
We have a “vampire”, a “robot girl”, an experimental soldier, or even someone who come from a cursed blood family.
Nevertheless, there’s also someone who call themself a *cough* lolicon… if translate into normal human being all of this.
It’s spell something very wrong.
But we accept each other “freaky-ness” here.

Okay, enough of that.

Let’s see some of our activity when we have small gathering on last early July, 2015.

So what do you think about it?

They’re pretty nice right? 😉


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