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[Album] Permulaan Baru by VzerMy

by Aug 5, 2015Discography, Portfolio0 comments

My first commercial release by me is in the year 2012 which is the single, “I’m Waiting For You”.
That time I’m using Sun of the Dawn as the “artist name” because I thought it will be easier to market then.
But I guess I was not that wise.

Permulaan Baru (Cover Art)

Permulaan Baru (Cover Art)

It’s easier to market Vocaloid songs under their own respective voicebank character than using some unknown original character.
As of now, my plan for Sun of the Dawn will be to become settings for a visual novel + RPG + rhythm game where it will use all the original songs that I’ve released.
After that, depending on the receptions I may halt all development for Sun of the Dawn title.

By the way, here’s my new release, “Permulaan Baru”.
You can find it on iTunes Store, Google Music, Amazon MP3, and Spotify.



Or you can listen to it from the playlist below.

Now, if you tell me which one among those tracks is your favorite song? 😀



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