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The Story Behind This 1000 Single Piece Brunei Dollar

by Aug 25, 2015Life0 comments

BND1000 (Single Piece)

BND1000 (Single Piece)

This is the first big single note I got after the RM1000.00 single note for Malaysian currency being discontinued.
I was still a kids that time and don’t understand the value of money.
As you can see, this is Brunei Dollar, and that’s worth 3 times Ringgit Malaysia at the time of this post was published.

Let’s just admit it.
I’m showing off!
Yes, I can hear you shouting.

But it’s not from my MOFA Bank money, mind you.
I work with my own intellectual energy to get this money.
So nothing wrong with showing off a bit, don’t you think so?
It’s feels good and might inspire some “kouhai” to get start moving their ass off the comfort zone.

You know, those kind of people who know how to sigh and whine but took no actions.
Advises were given.
Methods fed.
A way was shown.
But they still there, and blame every other people that they think is the source of their failure.

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