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Planning For An Alternative Rock EP Release

by Sep 2, 2015Music is My Life0 comments

Alternative Rock

Recently, I met this new guy.
William (light blue shirt in the photos below), he’s a guitarist.
We can say he’s on higher level of enthusiastic in being a guitarist more than me.

So after some talks, and some fooling around, we plan to make several tracks to make up an Extended Play (EP) album (or perhaps a full-fledged album?)

The genre will be an alternative rock music.
If you don’t know what that is, think something like LinkinPark, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and similar artists like that.

Casual Jamming - 11

Prep For The EP?

We don’t have a deadline.
This project is more like casual do it yourself kind of project.

This will be my first time ever trying to collaborating with other people, and the thing is both my music preference and William is far from each other.
But let’s hope for the best for this project.
Casual Jamming - 10


Distance Doesn’t Stop Us Collaborating

Another thing worth mentioned I think is that now I work permanently in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei while William is at Miri.

I feel thrilled to think that this is another “strangers on the internet meetup and making music”.
Just like what they did when Vocaloid Hatsune Miku was first released.

We use Google Drive to exchange sound file and idea.

It works so far.

The master file will always on my side because I have better knowledge in recording and music production overall.

Casual Jamming - 9


Radiant Music Studio

By far, I think this new studio opening at Lutong is the best jamming studio so far in Miri.

I’ve been to almost all jamming studio existed in Miri and they have the best drums sounding.
I saw that their music instrument like bass guitar and electric guitar are also a good cheap one compare to other venue which usually give fake China copy guitar that is unplayable.

However, I bring my own bass guitar. 🙂
It’s a cheap SoundGear brand from Ibanez company and are active pickup.

The bass are good.
I’ll make a review on it sometimes in the future. 🙂

Casual Jamming - 8


Unexpected Skillful Drummer!

We book two hours of studio time last 23rd August 2015 (Sunday).

But we actually don’t have a drummer~ :O

There’s this a friend of the studio staff arrived on scene after we invite the staff to join us playing some random song.

He’s a great drummer.
In my opinion, better than those bands playing at the clubs around Miri.

But he’s coming from church band that he won’t be playing outside church community and for a friend like us! (Maybe) 😉

I found out that actually, Miri have a lot of hidden talent but somehow bury them self under some curtain of ideology and stuff like that.

Casual Jamming - 7


I have another colleague last time who entitled to become a recording artist but he choose to become a music teacher.

I’m not sure what’s the reason.

Maybe there’s some dark politic lingering around recording artist scenes but I’m glad as independent artist, I am not bound to that political movement.

Casual Jamming - 6


Will upload some video soon showing us fooling around in the studio.

Until that time, please support me by liking my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel. 🙂

Facebook page : Wiguan’s Facebook Page

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Thanks to Mister Max Chan for the photos.

Casual Jamming - 5

Casual Jamming - 4

Casual Jamming - 3

Casual Jamming - 2

Casual Jamming - 1


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