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Now When I See You Again

by Sep 21, 2015Life0 comments

Now, remembering… 

When was it the first time I saw you?

Naaaahhhhhh…. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ

I wasn’t even looking at you for the second time that day.

The reason why?

It’s because I’m shallow perhaps. Or is it you who concealed much of your womanly pheromones. But I remember, it’s the other girl who occupied my attention.


I feel ashame of myself for not acknowledging and realizing your womanly presence during our first encounter. (´・_・`)

You know what?

I almost dropped my prized iPhone 6 Plus on that granite stone when I see you again the other day.

I was mesmerized.

I was stunned.

You look graciously beautiful.

The wind bowing down to your hair and I can even smell the mild scent of your perfume…

So what I did?

I tried to hide it, not sure if you found me out but I did make myself occupied with some other girls talking to them while my eyes refreshing at you when I thought you’re not noticing.

I really never see it coming.

You caught me in surprise!


It must be the sygnal from up above…

Because deep in my heart, I knew it was love?

Or am I just infatuated.

Not sure…

But why don’t we have a nice chat on one evening while sipping to my favorite tea, an Earl Grey.

Oh? What’s your favorite tea? Or you prefer coffee? I’m fine with anything, as long if you’re there. 😀

If you want, we can have some cake too…

But then… I know I’ll be stuttering whenever I’m talking to you.

Let alone asking you out for a date.

But what I’m hoping now, is to see you again in the future. I want to stealthily come and be on your side. Then if you read this, and you catch me sitting or standing beside you.

Here’s the code.

Smile back to me, and look into my eyes.

I’ll say, “Tea?”…

And if you think it’s good for us to have a nice tea time that evening, only the two of us, simply answer, “Cake”…

Oh my… \(//∇//)\ I’m blushing now?

Ja… Mata ne…

p/s: This post inspired from my friend, but it’s not fake.


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