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Can I Go Back In Time With You, Please?

by Jan 5, 2016Writings0 comments

“Can I go back in time with you, please?”

I asked her with full of hope that she will agree. She just keep silent. But suddenly she look at me and smile. Ah ~ that smile never grow old. It’s always such a healing sensation when I see that smile.

“Okay, I’ll go with you if that’s what you want.” she said.

I couldn’t feel happier. So I grab both of her hands and kiss them while looking into her eyes. She’s still smiling, her lips are tightly close while smiling, and you can see her eyes are smiling too. Well, maybe the latter is just me. 🙂

I was thinking, why God want to play with us like this? Why don’t just let me and her be together since the beginning?

Oh, wait…

They said you’ll met several wrong people before you meet the right one so that you can appreciate that right choosen one.

Bull shit! If it’s my opinion.

Explain to me those who never even meet even “the wrong one”? Who never hold someone’s else hand.

Explain to me those who met that one person and being together forever? Like Cinderella. Ugh~ fairy tale you say~

The truth is, God doesn’t even care such silly dilly dilly stuff. He’s busy expanding the universe and creating Earth 2.0. Don’t you think so?

Just look at those stars, just how much your love life problems matters now?

Not much at all.

The Cradle of Time

So I opened the vehicle door for her, just like a gentleman and let her in before I then close it.

“So where we’re going?” she asked.

“Umm, no where baby… Just here.”

“Just kidding, I wanna bring you back to the era I was born and grew up.”

“Something that only real family know about. I kept it secret even from my closest friends.”

“I only reveal this to you because I want you to know the real me, and if you choose to leave after this… I can understand why.” I say that with a dull smile on my face while looking at her.


“Why you sound like I will leave you anyway?” she respond in quite a shock tone.

“Nothing, baby.”

“It’s just that you’re too fine, too good to be true and never in my mind that I will be with a beautiful girl like you.” I still smile while looking at her and starting to pull some lever and start the time machine.

“Oh, you saw my bad side as well.”

“You’re just too kind with your words, darling.” she said that back to me while holding my hands and smile at me.

We look into each other eyes and hug.

Her warm petite body is so soft that I took care not to hug her so hard.

“So, are you ready?”

“You will see the real me now.”

“Someone that might not be as well established, cool or beautiful like you think I am.”

“And the true fact is, I never changed since 700 years ago.”

Yeah right. An immortal who have a time machine. Sound too good to be true right? But that’s me and even when I’m telling the truth, usually no body believes me, even her.

Maybe she think I was still joking and fooling around because she always follow through my stupid role play act. That’s another point why I love her so much.

— to be continue —


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