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Abyssian Knight – Indie Anime In Production Now

by Aug 4, 2016General0 comments

So we have this some ambitious guy from Canada that want to make their own anime with the lowest budget that they could, because they spend a lot on their own before pledging for crowd funding.

My First Impression

To be honest, it’s quite lacking. The trailer just show some mocap rendering of one of the character which I believe her name is Aria, and that’s it.

We don’t know what’s the real story yet.

Genre? Ratings? Sneak Peak of some important events?

Where’s the storyboard?

Will there be fans service? Who’s this for?

Moe bloopers? Or serious story immersion?

But then…

But then I kinda see that these guys are serious with what are they doing. They are using a game engine called Unreal Engine 4 to program the scene and then render the animation.

This is somewhat similar to what I’ve been thinking with Unity 3D.

But instead they use Unreal Engine 4. I’ve nothing against that but it’s just that I prefer Unity 3D more.

Initial Characterisation


I somewhat see some reference from some anime that I already watch before. It’s not a bad thing because so far I kinda like what I’m looking at.





Let’s hope for an update to the project description page before we talk more about it.

At the moment, you can check out the project at Kickstarter from the link below.

Abyssian Knight at KickStarter


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